Homemade natural wet wipes for camping – easy recipe

How long can I keep my wet wipes?

Around a week. Much longer and you might find they start to smell musty. To give them a longer shelf life, you’ll need to add a preservative.

We use Naticide. It’s is a vegetable-based preservative that smells a little of almond and vanilla. It helps keep microbes from spoiling cosmetics and is often called ‘parfum’ on ingredient lists.

Naticide works widely against Gram+, Gram-, yeasts and moulds.  It has COSMOS certification and is Ecocert approved.

IMPORTANT: Sorry to disappoint you, but vitamin E, grapefruit seed oil and citric acid are NOT true preservatives.

Can I add other ingredients?

Absolutely. It all depends on whether you’ll be using your wipes just for faces and bodies, or whether you’ll find yourself wiping the camping table or other gear.

We like to use pure coconut oil for extra moisture and ‘slip’. If you don’t want a coconut scent in your wipes, then choose an odourless culinary coconut oil

For general gear and household cleaning, you can leave out the oil, and you might select different (or no) essential oils.

For face and body, you could add something nourishing, like the fantastic natural moisturiser squalane (made from olives) or vitamin E.

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